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Why this need for Cartoons? What makes people make cartoons and/or watch cartoons?
Beside its traditional role in entertaining children, animation is an extraordinary form of free expression. It is an outlet that adults use to deliver(or to decode to their satisfaction) ideas and statements which in real life are curbed by a society rife with rules, standards, restrictions/censorship and control systems.

Cartoons can feature well written and representative narratives and can build engaging and charming characters. Thus they are enjoyable by both adults and children. While the delivery system remains the same, the message and the aspects in focus are different for each age category.
Children are simply entertained by the goofiness of the characters and their sound effects, by the colorful appearance of the scenery and by the dynamics of the animation. Adults relate to the underneath message that cartoons most likely conceal within. They can recognize in each character a psychological profile that they may have encountered directly or indirectly in real life. Often, characters are personifications of one or more human flaws/traits that cartoons ridicule or extract a moral from.

Beside creating a make-believe world for all ages, cartoons have other side purposes. Some individuals will find in watching/making cartoons a good method to cope with anxiety or stress. There also is a motivational factor in animated productions. They stimulate people to release their own creativity and uncensored spirit.

Finally, animation is an easy to digest form of expressing ideas. Note that we live in a pluri-sensorial world and learning itself starts as a synesthetic process. Without the audio and visual information(that we collect and store as memory), our internal operators would not be able bring new concepts to the world. Audio without visual/visual without audio is lacking power. Animation juggles with sound and image in an inventive way and gives them proper dynamics in order to deliver ideas.


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